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Knowledge Skills Attitudes Module

This module was born out of the realization that, to acquire pilot skills, theory and knowledge are no longer enough. Using serious games, ATS has set up a series of immersive courses and role-playing exercises to recreate a scene based on a real or imaginary situation.
The aim of our role-playing exercises for participants is :
– apprehend events in which they can and will find themselves
– put theoretical knowledge into practice

Air Communication

With this dedicated module, your trainee is put into a flight situation using serious games. The aim is to help trainees make progress in learning of in-flight phraseology. Always with the aim of understanding normal and abnormal situations, your trainee’s target is to apply his theoretical knowledge.

Immersive courses Type Computer Base Training CBT

With characters specially developed for the world of aeronautical training, your trainees experience theory in a different and interactive way. They are supervised by our CBTs, who follow the learning objectives.