Assess your trainees in accordance with PART ARA 300.
Examination of procedures.


Certification assessments & intermediate tests.

All our training modules include validation modules consisting of several types of questionnaires : MCQ, Cloze text, True/False, Drag & Drop, Answer order, Image quiz.

Guarantee the authenticity of your assessments.

– Manage number of attempts
– Random questions
– Questions categories based on EASA Learning Objectives
– Electronic signature at the end of the test
– Feedbacks
– Pass threshold
– Receipt of assessments by your instructors and Training Manager.

Analyze your trainees’ performance.

ATS LMS helps your training managers to build a culture centred around data. Analyze acquired skills in real time and guide your trainees towards new training scenarios to meet your ATO’s needs. You benefit from management dashboards to help you guide your instructors and trainees.

ATO compliance at the heart of your validations.

ATS LMS is focused on PART ARA FCL 300 compliance. All our assessments are categorized, enabling you to handle the failure and validation of your trainees in accordance with EASA regulatory requirements.

Track your trainees with the manager module.

View detailed statistics on your trainees.

– Scores
– Trainee answers
– Answer details
– Feedback analysis
– Time spent
– Commitment and completion rates

Following a progress test, you receive :

Trainee score
The trainee’s answers
Automatic correction of your tests
Commented answers