Dematerialized sign-in solution.

Greater flexibility, without complication

With Edu Sign Emargement, you can take advantage of a completely digitised enrolment solution for your on-site or remote trainees.

For face-to-face enrolment, Edu Sign adapts to your regulatory constraints.

Attendance sheets can be signed online, both remotely and face-to-face. Edu Sign offers your training centers a solution for every context and every device. The solutions are available on any screen and are secure.

0 fraud with QR code.

Renewed every 5 seconds.
Remote or in-class.
Works on phones.

Export and generate your sheets.

Generate as many sheets as you need in just a few clicks.
Export individual, session or group attendance sheets.
Filter your exports by date.

Any absences to justify?

Your learners can justify their absences themselves.
Access all your learners’ proofs of absence.
Export and download receipts.
Teachers can view their students’ reasons for absence live.