Airline pilot atpl.a / cpl.a

The complete ATO solution for airline pilots.

ATPL(A) Theory Course.

Digital Technical Courses – Compliant

This training solution is available on our platforms and enables you to provide theoretical airline transport pilot training. Consisting of the 13 ATPL.A subjects, it has been designed to meet the latest EASA learning objectives.

Course learning systems

Our solution also comes with learning MCQs corrected and commented by our specialized instructors. Our questionnaires are integrated into every chapter and sub-chapter of the EASA Learning Objectives.

ATPL.A exam-style training system

Our system also offers an Exam mode where trainees can train individually according to PART ARA FCL 300 b.

ATO Validation Test – ATPL.A

This solution is also equipped with our assessment system, enabling you to test your trainees in accordance with Part ARA FCL 300 B.

In this way, your trainees are tested for ATO validation exams in the same way as when they took the EASA exams. Your CTKI receives the trainee’s exams in real time, so all that’s left to do is CAA validation.

Online instructor help

Our solution also features an online help system. This system is ideal for your remote ATPL training from your ATO. It is carried out via the trainee interface. Our TKI expert instructors receive your trainees’ questions and answer them within 24 to 48 hours.

Book Pack matching your image

You also find book packs in French and English to reflect your ATO’s image. Each book has its own ISBN and is copyrighted. Through our publishing house, we manage direct shipments to your customers. So there’s no need to manage the sometimes cumbersome logistics of document processing.