Our learning experiences will ensure
your trainees develop their skills.

Suite of modules consisting of ready-to-use theory courses and personalized mock exams

Theoretical training courses based on EASA learning objectives.

The ATS Training Suite is a white-label solution enabling you to customize the design of your platform and reflect your ATO’s brand image. Our multi-stage, scripted courses meet EASA’s learning objectives, and engage your trainees in a variety of theoretical training activities.

Oversee the acquisition of new knowledge.

The ATS Training Suite collects a wealth of data on your trainees’ knowledge and skills, enabling you to support them as best you can in their learning. Any increase in skills is an important additional source of motivation for your trainees, having a positive impact on your organization’s objectives.

Ensuring compliance.

The ATS Training Suite follows all the EASA learning objectives. The teaching content is written by a panel of specialist instructors. Compliances matrices are delivered to meet your ATO’s certification requirements.

Why us?

Digitizing your image
Keep the keys to your image with your customers.
Preloaded training modules
Our training modules are ready to use.
Unique validation system
Receive your trainees' results in real time.